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Oct 12 2011

Leadership and Teaching

So I’m teaching, in Houston. WOO!
Things I’m learning and struggling with:
There is leadership, and there is teaching. On a personal level, I think I make some successes in teaching, but I feel like I’m a bit too young to have this job. I think it’s completely different to be a leader among your peers and a leader among those who are a little younger. One of the problems may be that while I am an avid reader and a little bit of a grammar nerd when it comes to exercises, I’m not passionate about the study of English the way I am the study of history. I know why history makes me a better person, I don’t always have the answer with English.
So I lack vision in my classroom, which makes me a poor leader, but perhaps wouldn’t necessarily interfere so much with teaching as long as I taught the…

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This week will have to be different. It will just have to be. Otherwise kids will not learn, I will not learn, I will not get a job in this city. Everything will be bad and sad. That may sound pessimistic, but Summer School at M.S. 331 is probably the hardest thing I have ever…

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NY Central Park

So here begins the Blair Blog (blairg) of things I observe and think about during this TFA adventure I’m certainly having. This past week and a half I have gone through Teach for America’s induction process, started institute, and decided not to quit. “Quit?” you may immediately ask. Well, yes, I was seriously thinking of…

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